Care of your Sleeping Bag

All Chill Gorilla bags are fully washable… by hand or even by washing machine. Instructions are given on the care label sewn into one of the inner seams.

However, even the highest grade filling will eventually lose some thermal efficiency and structure after repeated wash cycles, so machine washing in particular should not be done often. Whenever possible, instead of a full wash, we recommend the sponging of both inner and outer fabrics with soap and water. Then dry and air the bag thoroughly. Using a loose liner, which can be washed separately as often as you like, will undoubtedly extend you bags life. Some of the liners will also add warmth.

Zip up the sleeping bag and ensure any drawcords are fully in the machine and not trapped in the door before starting.

Machine wash on a cool and gentle setting (never more than 40°C/100°F) in a front loading domestic washing machine (we would advise against using a top loader as the agitator can damage the product).

Avoid the use of liquid detergent and fabric softeners as this can leave a residue on the bag, a low or fragrance free powder is idea.

After washing we recommend a cool tumble dry and that you check the process regularly to ensure that it is not overheated. It can be difficult to dry a sleeping bag (particularly some of our more extreme models) in a domestic machine a trip to the laundrette might be preferable.

We use a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish on all our Sleeping bag – water repellency can be maintained with a cool tumble day after washing and periodic re-treatment with suitable aftercare products such as Nikwax and Grangers.

Do not store the bag compressed for long periods between uses. Whilst we sometimes roll sleeping bags at the factory for despatch we would not advise emulating this without special machinery. We suggest stuffing your sleeping bag into its compression sack.