CHILL GORILLA 4mm REFLECTIVE TENT GUIDE ROPE GUY LINE CORD and Adjuster. Heavy Duty Lightweight, Camping, Rain Tarps, Tents, Hiking, Backpacking. Essential Camping & Survival Gear. ENO Accessory.


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Product Features

  • HEAVY DUTY GUYLINES. Braided paracord provide increased strength and load bearing. Even with low light our reflective lines provide high visibility so you have a night time disaster.
  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE CORD. Interwoven reflective wires provide great visibility even when there is very little light. The perfect tent rope or tent tie downs.
  • 3 HOLE TENSIONERS provide fast and easy adjustments/tension to your lines. Perfect for quickly setting up tents, tarps, rain flys and other camping gear.
  • ESSENTIAL CAMPING ACCESSORIES. Each 4mm reflective line is 13 (4m) feet long and weighs just 37 grams. Perfect for hiking backpacking, fishing, hunting or just having at your campsite.
  • PLEASE NOTE Chill Gorilla attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric/material available in production, so the color might vary from what is pictured.

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Chill Gorilla Guy Lines and Tensioners!
Crazy strong and lightweight we have you covered for all of your outdoor activities including camping, hiking, backpacking, trekking, cycling, fishing

• OUR GUY LINES are lightweight and designed for use and abuse in the outdoors
• 3 HOLE TENSIONERS provide more tension than 2 holers keeping your gear in place.
• HIGH VISIBILITY low light reflective paracord. Incredibly easy to see at night and around the campsite.
• 13 FEET PER PARACORD. Small, strong and long!
• VERSATILE! We provide essential camping, hiking and backpacking gear, equipment, supplies, and accessories.

LENGTH: 13′ each | DIAMETER: 0.16″
MATERIAL: Interwoven Nylon Paracord
WEIGHT: 21 grams per guide line
CONTENTS: 6 Chill Gorilla guy lines and tensioners plus easy carry stuff sack